Group Promotions


Our story

Founded by travel industry pioneer Tom McNamara in 1986, Group Promotions has consistently improved hotel sales for almost 30 years. Through natural evolution, Group Promotions has grown to become a company that can provide a broad range of solutions for many areas of the travel industry, not just hotels.

From reservations systems and booking engine technology to credit control and legal advice, we are dedicated to improving our clients success across Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia.

Our reputation is the result of the personal service we give our clients, working closely with them to maximize every aspect of their revenue and ultimately becoming their one stop travel solution company.

We pride ourselves on establishing excellent working relationships with our clients and our partners, built on trust and confidence. It is on the strength of our relationship that many of our clients choose us to collect and reconcile their money across Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia – such is the trust developed between us.

As such, the suite of solutions we offer are based on the unique requirements of our clients, providing the service they need.

One thing remains true: we have continuously delivered the highest possible return, in the shortest sensible time at the lowest feasible cost, for almost 30 years.